Alpaca breeding is a business of relationships, and it’s attracted countless wonderful folks we have felt privileged to work with. To those who’ve shared their time and expertise with us back in our early alpaca days we give heartfelt thanks. Our success in the alpaca industry is in large part due to your generosity, and we run our farm in the spirit of help and support that we have learned from you.

Sincere thanks as well to all who have purchased Miner Creek breeding stock and breeds with us. We’re honored to have worked with you, and appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us.

To the many whose names do not appear, thank you, perhaps for your tireless volunteer efforts, a chance meeting, your kind or funny word at just the right time. May this wonderful business continue to enrich your lives as it does ours.

We thank you all.

John and Liz MacEachran
Kilblaan Farm

Dave and Sylvia DeGroot
Double Dutch Farms

Carol Thayer and Rick Daugherty
Blonde Velvet and Me

Marcus and Cathryn Whitman
Good Fortune Farms

Brenda and Jeffery Trammel
Enchanted Acres Ranch

Ed Jurkowski and Judy Lyons
Starlit Adventure in Alpacas