Differences Between Llamas and Alpacas

Differences Between Llamas and Alpacas
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Llamas and Alpacas are animals found in the Andes Mountain somewhere in South America. They are vegetarian and eat plants and are said to be herbivores. They are domesticated and are not wild, unlike other species.

Llamas and Alpacas are both descended from camels, but they also have differences too. They are different regarding physical features, like weight, how their sense organs look like, their characteristics and what they produce. They have different dispositions in terms as a group and as an animal. To know their dissimilarities, here are the features that you should know about them;

The physical features that you can see in them are their face features: alpacas have blunt faces which look smooth while llamas have long faces. They also differ in sizes. Alpacas usually get to around 200 lbs in weight and are some 5ft tall at the top of their ears. Meanwhile, llamas get to around 6ft tall and can weigh up to 400lbs.

The form of their body is also different. Alpacas are short but have sloped backs while llamas are long and have a straighter back.

Furthermore, the alpacas have ear features of spear shaped short ears while the llamas have banana-shaped ears that are long.

Regarding fiber type, the alpacas provide a much finer fiber while llamas don’t produce much of its hair either on its head or its faces. You can both benefits from these two because alpacas are bred for soft wool and have good meat while llamas are good for pack animals only.

Both descendants of the camel also have different dispositions and traits with humans and in their group. Alpacas are said to be herd animals, and they can be easily trained like your pet cats at home, while llamas they are called to be more sociable yet very independent in thinking what to do. The alpacas are very soft and expensive. They are a very gentle and shy type of animal, they can easily learn tricks if you teach them, but need more attention and needs to have a safe environment too.

Llamas are rough and very fearless and they can carry loads of carrier bags or packs. It is usually an animal to ride on because they can carry two people and packs. They also serve as head guards in the yard.

Both came from one country in South America, but have distinguishing features. These two species though they came from same habitat and place of living, they both deserved to be preserved before they become endangered. Although you can benefit a lot from them, these animals are part of the eco-balance in the environment. You just have to appreciate their existence and familiarize their nature of living so that you can understand their purpose in the community especially when you get along with the other wild animals.