About us

Miner Creek Alpacas is home to Marina Francis and Jim Sweet. Our farm is in White Salmon, a quiet rural area of S.W. Washington with four distinct seasons and abundant pristine wilderness.

I (Marina) have been involved with alpacas since 1995, helping friends with their animals, learning, showing and spinning. For family and professional reasons I had a few years before I was ready to move from my urban home. I wanted to create a modern day version of sustainable farming which could also generate a significant financial return. After researching other livestock possibilities, I was convinced that alpacas were the best way to accomplish this. I purchased the first nine alpacas in 2002. About this time Jim and I got together; he became as intrigued by them as I, and we continue to grow our herd and business. These lovely animals possess a quiet dignity; curious, intelligent and alert, they are our gentle reminder to slow down and breathe, to lean on the fence and appreciate, remembering that truly, this is the moment to live fully.

We’re both here full-time. Jim is a biologist and runs his business from our farm. I (Marina) am the full time farmer, and have the time and flexibility to provide information, support, and education when you need it. As a former personal growth coach, I’m able to offer you creative insight and solutions to your alpaca challenges . If you’re currently considering alpacas as part of a lifestyle change or solely as an investment, I’ll help you evaluate this according to your specific situation and interests.

The many wonderful friendships we’ve made as a result of our alpaca business are a delightful gift, and one we both treasure. Happily, this is a venture of long-term relationships born of common interest, love of the animals and a sincere desire to help each other.

Wherever you are on your alpaca journey, we welcome you to our farm to see animals, talk about your alpaca interests and always, we wholeheartedly support your success!